Top 6 Java Programming Tools used in Application Development?

Top 6 Java Programming Tools used in Application Development?

Java is an object-oriented programming language intended to manage software complexity in a new way. Java is used in different types of computer platform including embedded device, enterprise application, mobile phone, and supercomputers. Java is almost everywhere in mobile phones, web services, enterprise application, and desktop applications.

In today’s scenario, there are many myths surrounding Java programming is that the availability of comprehensive IDEs and tools means you can afford not to have a comprehensive understanding of Java. But that’s not how it works. These tools make life simpler for you, only if you know your way around Java. What is the top Java programming tools used in application development?


Now, let’s take a look at such tools:


  1. Eclipse

There are lots of Java-compatible IDEs out there. So you can choose just one and put it onto the Java tools list is somewhat of a political issue.


 Although, Eclipse remains the best Java IDE. No, it’s not the prettiest or the hippest, but it offers several essential features:

  • It’s free.
  • It’s open source.
  • It’s cross-platform.

If your Java IDE (integrated development environment) preferences are different, I won’t argue with you. No single IDE is the best for everyone. But if you had to create a recommendation about which integrated development environment to include in a set of Java tools used in application development, it would be Eclipse.


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  1. Java

This may look like a strange choice to put on an essential Java tools list. Many Java IDEs, including Eclipse, come with built-in Java compilers.

Sometimes, however, it’s handy to have a stand-alone compiler. The compiler bundled with your integrated development environment may not work with your code for weird reasons, or you might just want a quick way to compile some Java code from a command line instead of using the IDE.

So, when it comes to stand-alone with Java compilers, Javac is the go-to Java programming tool. And it’s free, open source, Also, its part of the Java Development Kit for installation and its developed by Oracle, so you know it’ll remain well-supported for a long time to come.


  1. Java Decompiler (JD)

There are numerous of Java Decompiler to choose from. Many are not highly portable. Some either have to be used in conjunction with an IDE or used separately.

That’s why many developers are like the JD project, which provides cross-platform Java Decompiler tools that you can integrate into Eclipse or IntelliJ, as well as run independently through a stand-alone GUI.

It’s all depending on the type of Java work you do; you may or may not need a Decompiler. If you want to do, JD’s tools are handy additions to your Java programming tools list.


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  1. Jenkins

There are numerous continuous integration (CI) servers to choose from, and most of the popular ones will work just fine for Java code.

However, you tend to consider Jenkins as the best CI server for Java applications. If you want to install so Jenkins is compared than other tools it’s easy, especially when using the distribution that has an executable JAR with an embedded web container. Configuration is equally simple. Furthermore, Jenkins is written in Java. Its reality that doesn’t create Jenkins more generally suited for Java code integration, but if you’re writing in Java, why not use a CI server that is written in Java, too?


  1. JS-Beautify

Few people represent beautiful Java code out of the gate. The rest of us use Java formats that cleanup Java source code.

It has a good Java format available, including many commercial options. So, JS-Beautify a simple, free and open source Java tool for cleaning up a code.


  1. JUnit

If you look on unlike many other categories of Java programming tools, there aren’t as many good options to choose from when it comes to Java unit testing. That’s because JUnit has been the top Java unit testing framework for a long time. It integrates well with the Maven command line, and few people have tried to create alternatives.


The Java tools list in a review

There are lots of good commercial Java tools out there, too, and some of the newer tools in the Java ecosystem might be a better fit for some developers than tried-and-true solutions, like Eclipse. But some Java tools to be robust and reliable, and those on this list fit that bill. And these top tools will definitely make life easy for you as a Java developer, but the whole idea behind using such tools is making an informed decision regarding their use. Choose a tool that suits your needs and requirements at a given point in time and it will deliver the returns you are looking for.


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