Top 5 Must Have PHP Frameworks For Website Development in 2018

PHP has become the first choice of web developers. It would be great to know that PHP enables the development of fast and popular websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, MailChimp. Currently, 80% of the websites are dominated by the PHP frameworks and take more space in web development and in the minds of web developers.

Rapidly designing an effective, high-quality application and websites is always a difficult task for web developers. The complexity increases when the website requires iterative and repetitive work. Here, PHP frameworks support web solutions and accelerate the speed of web developers.

5 Must Have PHP Frameworks For Website Development


PHP Frameworks

PHP has many frameworks that help web developers simplify web development by providing more security policies and more versatile methods. It also makes it possible to reuse the different parts of the code, which reduces the complexity of coding. It helps to develop easily.

There are many PHP frameworks in this technical environment and that’s why we’ve selected the top 5 for you. Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Phalcon, and Zend.


1. Laravel


PHP Frameworks

No other PHP framework is as popular as Laravel. The most popular PHP framework has been created. Laravel is a new framework that was recently introduced but has attracted a large number of developers.

Laravel is adapted for small and large web applications because it fixes minor bugs and bugs. Laravel has a broader community and effectively deals with many databases. Laravel is especially easy to use and learn.



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2. Symfony


PHP FrameworksSymfony is known for its modularity, which uses modular blocks called packages. Symfony was introduced in 2005 and is considered an intelligent and consistent framework. Symfony packages are similar to other software modules. As PHP is well known, it allows the reuse of parts of the code, like a symphony.

These reusable entities are used to build the base of websites and PHP applications. Symfony has a larger community and has an interactive platform and support. To create large and complex projects, web developers choose Symfony. In addition, the documentation is large enough to provide long-term support (LTS) versions.


3. Zend


zend PHP FrameworksFollowing the popularity of Symfony, another PHP framework was launched in 2006. Zend has gained much appreciation and is recognized as a trusted PHP framework. Zend cannot be taken for granted during use and is therefore used to create high-performance applications. Zend supports several customizable features and contains the great documentation it contains. You should deepen your documentation.


4. Yii


yii PHP FrameworksThe Yii framework is best for repetitive and iterative tasks in projects. It is an open-source PHP framework, component-based and object-oriented for web applications. We can take it as “yes, it is”, but its Chinese meaning is “simple and evolutionary”. Yii is preferred because it adds speed to the development. The Yii code is logical and uses abstractions for repetitions. It works on the concept “DRY – do not repeat yourself”. This is beneficial and reduces tasks when making a single item change. You do not have to edit articles that are not logically linked. To create portals and web forums, Yii is used more often.


5. Phalcon


phalcon PHP FrameworksPhalcon is a C-extension of PHP with high performance. The PHP-provided classes and extensions can be used in any application. The main feature that Phalcon offers them is that they have to interpret the code instead of being compiled for that particular platform. It requires fewer resources and therefore provides more development speed. Phalcon is better for MVC-based applications because it has a low-level architecture. To write queries in a standardized language similar to SQL, the Phalcon Query Language (PHQL) is very well suited for secure and powerful functions. A template engine for PHP Phalcon is Volt, which is built in C.


Phalcon exploits Volt as a template engine

Phalcon and Zend are quite different from Symfony, Laravel, and Yii, while these three have few similarities, although they differ. Laravel, Yii, and Symfony are open source frameworks with a wide range of powerful tools. All provide strong communities and support ORM (Object Relation Mapping). Three of them also support code scaffolding and the model-view-controller interface, model.



PHP frameworks have reduced the complexity of web development. Simple coding replaces repetition with abstractions and reduces redundancy. Although all PHP frameworks are used by PHP web developers, Laravel is more accepted by them. Depending on the modularity, other PHP frameworks like Symfony, Yii, Phalcon, Zend are used.

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