Why Angularjs the Best fit for Front-End Development?

Best fit for Front-End Development_

Front-end development is essentially a mix of (HTML), (CSS) and (JavaScript) used to make websites or web applications that allow users to have direct interaction.  The objective of front-end developers is to make a website that loads in the blink of an eye after a user types in the URL and presses enter. Users got more information when they do not face hassles of slow pages and poor interfaces.


Here are some of the factors that make Angular.js the best fit for front-end development include:


  1. Two-way data binding

This factor implements data-binding in such a manner that the design data model immediately reflects the changes made in a user interface. Two-way data binding websites and applications created using Angular.js don’t require developers to write complicated codes for synchronization of data between the model and view components.


2. Dependency injection

Dependency injection is simply defined as a software design pattern that empowers components with their dependencies rather than using codes within the component. As a result, it becomes possible to configure dependencies.


3. HTML Template

HTML Template on dynamic platform view a user is able to see in the browser is attributable to Angular.js which provides a template with the information from the model and controller. HTML is also used to write templates in Angular.js as it contains Angular-specific elements and attributes.


4. Directives

This is the factor of Angular.js as extends the grammar of the web via reusable attributes, HTML elements, and classes.Angular.js uses directives to extend HTML.


5. Easy-to-test code

Easy-test-code is a strong factor of Angular.js, because of strong sets of tests available for any JavaScript code. Going by the suggestion of Angular.js team, Protractor, which is their purpose-built end-to-end testing framework, is the best to go for testing Angular.js applications. For the best fit in front-end-development testing becomes easier with Angular.js due to its built-in dependency injection.


What is the importance of AngularJS in front-end development?


For the front-end development, Angular gives the best direction for developers to quickly create modern single-page web applications. Angular was created by Google and is currently worked as an open source project.

  1. Background

AngularJS is an important JavaScript MVC framework. It has increased day by day in popularity, virtually overtaking other frameworks like Ember and Backbone.

2. TypeScript

The most of .NET developers write TypeScript because it’s similar to C#. By similar I mean, TypeScript grasps many first-class programming languages features such as interfaces, classes, and types which C# developers find easy to relate with, there are also lots of relevant similarities that make a C# developer extremely comfortable when he starts exploring TypeScript for the first time.

3. Web API

Our MVC The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site development team recently produced a dashboard for one of our clients, powered by a .NET API using the Web AngularJS, and  API Framework on the front end.


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4. AngularJS Views

The AngularJS view coating is, of course, plain HTML and that’s the most basic and direct approach to work with the browser. Such as a strictly HTML / JS front end can be facilitated anywhere.

5. AngularJS Routing

On the front end, routing between pages is handled by AngularJS. And in the .NET end, pages are served by the standard MVC design. Like some other .NET application, you’ll have a single format.


9 Reasons where you can easily understand that Angular.js is the Best JavaScript Framework for front-end development.
  1. It Was Developed By Google.
  2. Reusable Components.
  3. AngularJS Has Dependency Injection, Animations, Routing And Many More.
  4. Data Binding in AngularJS is very easy
  5. AngularJS is POST Back Free (Loading Data without Refreshing Page).
  6. It’s effectively integrated with JSON data and XML data because of its clean and simple coding structure.
  7. The app is easy to learn and get started
  8. Time-saving
  9. Affordability



Every one of these features creates Angular.js the best for front-end development so far. In addition, you will never have any doubt about the efficiency and reliability of the code. Angular.js more believable as being made by Google with the help of their team, also meaning skilled engineers are easily available to get your Angular.js questions answered.

I hope this article has helped you see how front-end development becomes easy with Angular js. And also read about: 20 Best AngularJS Development Tools for Developers.


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