Step by Step Guide to Create Your First Windows Azure Application


Windows Azure (formerly Microsoft Azure) is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers

In the article, I provide a step-by-step walk-through of creating a basic Windows Azure application. The application uses ASP.NET MVC3, SQL Azure for the relational data storage, and Entity Framework as the ORM.So, here is a step by step guide to developing and deploying your first Windows Azure application. To get you Azure Application Development by experts please our website at Binary Informatics.


This article is divided into five parts:

  • Installation of Windows Azure SDK
  • Developing First Windows Azure Web Application
  • Azure deploying the app locally in Development Storage Fabric
  • Registration for free Windows Azure Trial
  • Azure Deployment of the App in Microsoft Data Center

Now In the further article, we will get into more complex applications. Continue through rest of the post to make your first application for Windows Azure.


Installation of Windows Azure SDK

Step 1

Go to official site of Windows Azure at link

Step 2

In the bottom of a page, you will get Develop option

Step 3

And, now you need to choose the language you want to work with. And you can develop an application in any of the language given in option and deploy it on the Microsoft managed datacenters. Below are the available languages.

Step 4

If you can create the first window Azure so you will be navigated to Home Page of .NET Developer Center. You will get every one of the resources related to .NET development on Windows Azure here.


Developing First Application

Now open Visual Studio 2010 as an administrator in your system and create a new project. Open-File -> New->Project. From Cloud tab select Windows Azure Project.

And next, you need to click on your preferred language. You can use any of the three languages to develop the application to be deployed on Windows Azure.

  • Visual c#
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual f#


Deploying Application Locally

For creating the first window Azure you deploy the application in two steps. First, you deploy it locally to do testing that if everything is working as the expected. You can debug the application deployed on local development fabric. A Windows Azure emulator run locally is also known as Windows Azure Development Fabric.


Deploying Application on Windows Azure Portal

Firstly, deploy an application on Microsoft Data Center you need to have a Windows Azure Account. Windows Azure is a paid service however you can start with the free trial. To register for free account follow the below steps.

Register for Free Account

Step 1

Go to official site of Windows Azure at link

Step 2

In right-hand side click on free trial

Step 4

”You will be asked to a login using Live ID. Provide your live id and log in. If you, don’t have any live ID create one to work with Windows Azure Free Trial”

And you will be getting a successful registration message after the registration. After registration, on goes back to visual studio and right click on Windows Azure Project and select Package. And next, the chosen Service Configuration as Cloud and Build Configuration as Release and click Package. And after the successful package for creating the new window Azure, you can see Service Package File and Cloud Service Configuration file in the folder explorer. We need to upload these two files to deploy the application on the Microsoft Data Center. Next to upload package select browse locally. On browsing navigate to the folder

And the next starting at now for simplicity doesn’t include any Certificate and click on Ok to make a hosted service with a package of application created in the last step. You will get a notification message. Click yes on warning and continue. Now you need to wait for 5 to 10 minutes to get your application ready to use. Once service is ready you can see the ready status for the Web Role. After details are ready, you are successfully created and deployed a first web application in Windows Azure. Browse to URL

So ”In this way, you can start developing for Windows Azure. In a further post, we will go into many details”. I hope this post is useful. Thanks for reading.

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