Low-Code Mobile App Development: New Trend in Modern App Dev

Low-Code Mobile App Development_ New Trend in Modern App Dev
Low-Code Mobile App Development_ New Trend in Modern App Dev

Businesses globally are faced with difficulties in mobile app development, but the low-code mobile app development provides solutions that are cost-effective and fast. All businesses require mobile apps that are tied directly to their customers and business partners. Two factors that play a key role in businesses getting onto the digital transformation journey are budget and time.

Low coded Apps really helps with the above two requirements, another benefit of low-code is that apps can be made for Android, iOS and the Web in one go. While apps made from scratch would require hand-coding on JavaScript, Objective-C, and HTML5 respectively (and individually), low-code platforms create cross-platform apps using a common language for all three OS platforms. Thus, the amount of time saved here directly reflects on costs,


Here are the 5 Key Criteria for Selecting Low Code Application Development Frameworks:

  • Data-centricity
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Cross-platform support
  • Drag-and-drop (or point-and-click) tools
  • Flexibility


Following are the top business-values these low-code platforms offer:


  • Visual development of the app

Developers can pull and drop parts to outline interactive and responsive interfaces to acclimatize to all types of smart devices, screen sizes, and pixel densities. Visual development creates an environment of boost customization to offer native-like cross-platform mobile apps that share a similar layout and functionality across devices.

  • Streamlining business processes

Low-code platforms streamline the process as mobile apps are made on the business logic, which surprisingly requires little DevOps. Such platforms offer a single point of control for software upgrades, scalability, and app maintenance.

  • Simplifies system integration

Every business depends on data and analysis to understand the market and customer demands. Be that as it may, data comes in various forms and from varied disparate systems. System integration is one of the most demanded services that low-code app development companies are requested for. The visual development allows developers to drag and drop any third-party system to create a unified system, is integrated instantaneously.


Let’s take a look at the industry leaders and some of our picks for the best low code platforms for building apps out there in the marketplace:-


  • App Press

We could list many reasons—hundreds, even— to choose App Press, but we get that you’re busy. So we’ve limited it down. Here are the 3 most important things you should know: App Press has been in your shoes, has the experience you can count on and is obsessed with technology.

  • Servoy

With Servoy, you can easily and quickly make world-class business applications. Servoy’s design is made of three levels: data, logic, and presentation. The data level can integrate with just about any data source by the API: databases, web services, email, file systems and more. Servoy’s core engine (the logic tier) consists of a combination of events and modeling UI patterns.

  • Alpha Software

A portable application isn’t too versatile in the event that it doesn’t work without an information association, is it? Enter Alpha Software and their Alpha Anywhere improvement stage. Alpha Anywhere is an entire business application improvement and organization condition that empowers designers to rapidly end up capable of making and conveying undertaking class portable and web business structures and applications. The stage is based on HTML5, which implies that applications worked in Alpha keep running crosswise over Android, iOS and Windows gadgets.


What are the benefits of low-code development?


Opening the gates of development to nontechnical employees presents a number of advantages. Businesses and organizations can cut back on the time associated with development cycles by not having to send every new development request to over-worked IT departments. Instead, individuals across all departments and teams can take responsibility for developing their own applications, freeing up IT for other vital tasks.

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