IoT: The Technology Redefining Mobile App Development Industry

IoT The technology Redefining Mobile App Development Industry
IoT The technology Redefining Mobile App Development Industry

In today’s scenario, Mobile app development is much profitable sector, due to 179 billion mobile applications downloaded every year by the users, like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube etc. These all have created a lot’s of news in the online social world, and also Maps, shopping apps, and payment apps have made our lives a lot convenient. We can now perform multiple tasks and save a lot of time and money. For each of these reasons, in mobile application development jobs is increasing per day.

The mobile industry is continually rising and there’s no sign indicating a slowdown in its software and Application development. It has changed, the world into digitally thinking people, and they are demanding more apps day-by-day. That is why application developers are looking forward to adopting new & different technologies for providing exceptional user experience and one such technology that is gaining momentum in the mobile market is IoT.

What is IoT actually?

The Internet of Things is also known as (IOT) where a network cover of the physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and some other items implant with electronics devices, software, sensors, and connectivity which allow these objects to connect and exchange data. And the internet of things is also referred to the over-development network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication that happens between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

IoT in Real Life Applications

There are various industries taking advantage of IoT – these include healthcare, energy, and agriculture etc. We are seeing it become notable day by day with the introduction of connected cars, smart cities, smart retail, and the proliferation of wearables. All of these are areas that we expect to see drastic growth in over the next few years.

Here are different industries that IoT will redefine and how it is related to mobile application development:

  • E-commerce

It will make our shopping experience more attractive. By combine with ibeacon technology, the Internet of Things will allow let the retailers track and engage users in the coverage over the area by sending push notifications about the offers or discounts. The technology will let the retailers assemble the customer data and help them in providing personalized customer experience.

  • Healthcare

Internet of Things is making the process of providing health and care seamless and efficient. Mobile applications connected with wearable let patients get their constant health-related data like pulse rate, blood pressure, and so on. They can share the data with doctors and ask them to analyze and provide the right solution. as it were, the patients require not rush to hospitals and medical centers every time; a mobile app can help in catering to their needs.

  • Enterprises

Industries are investing in the Internet of things application development for tied employees, systems, and other office equipment to boost efficiency and cut down the operational cost-effectiveness. The technology has also influenced the communication process without affecting the protection.

  • Transportation

The technology has improved the concept of connected cars, which means the introduction of cars that will be able to execute various processes in its own way, including maintenance.

  • Agriculture

IoT technology is also resumed in the farming and agriculture sector. It is helping farmers with many facilities like determining soil moisture capacity, controlling water usage, and deciding which fertilizer would be the right solution. If we see, In short, the technology is supplied them for control over the connected devices and benefit applicable insights to the farmers for development their productivity and so, ROI.

  • Education

The technology improves wireless door locks to keeping track of required resources, creating smarter lesson plans, Improve communication, designing safer campuses etc. IoT is carving a new future in the education nation.

For the all of the above reasons now mobile app development industries are on a constant chase for “what next.” These are the upcoming seven trends will update you about the new advancements in application development.

  • Advanced Wearable Devices
  • Smart Objects
  • M-Commerce
  • Location and Motion Sensing
  • Enhanced Mobile User Experience
  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Enterprise Mobile Management

Building future-ready mobile apps:

Now It’s high time for businesses and app development industries come together to make IoT friendly mobile applications. The Mobile apps can help build a device where information communicated by the objects through their integrated sensors will be received by the app in real-time.

At the point mobile apps and interactive physical objects are synced well, IoT can add great value to our lives. In addition to mobile devices, wearable devices and clothes are also witnessing a massive impact of IoT trend.

However, app developers are slowly embracing the trend in IoT app development. According to a recent survey conducted by Developer Media, there is a 24% increase in the number of app developers working on IoT apps in 2015 compared to 2014.


To sum up, with constant development in IoT, mobile apps are leading to a better-connected world. We are yet to see how the IoT ecosystem will evolve in five years from now but the coagulation of both is certainly coming to live and is visible in several sectors.


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