What are different platforms on which cross platform apps are developed?

Cross platform
cross-platform development

In today’s technological era, mobile applications are the smartest way to connect to the customer with your business. Native apps enhance a device’s efficiency, eg,

  • Push notifications help in marketing and communication.
  • Leverage hardware on devices like GPS for location-based marketing.
  • Streamlining field operations, etc

Aiming mobile audience may sound as the smartest way to connect to people but it isn’t the easiest way with the availability of different operating systems and devices in the market because of the following reasons:-

  • Hiring developers for a different operating system.
  • Retaining /updating separate versions can be intricate.
  • It may cost a lot.
  • Consumes lots of time.

The above-mentioned issues are resolved by hybrid and native apps created by cross platform developed tools.

Since not all cross-platform solutions are designed equal, the following details should be kept in mind to estimate the strength of each:-

  • Amount of integration required.
  • The amount you are willing to pay.
  • A person you will hire.

On the basis of the above-mentioned points, the developer will be able to guide you the best fit for your app’s requirement.

Some of the most used cross platform tools are:-

PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)

This packed tool makes cross platform native apps. It can be used to build highly functional apps when combined with frameworks like JQuery Mobile or iconic. PhoneGap supports technologies such as JavaScript-powered Backbone.js framework and Node.js development environment. In addition, it offers such as:-

  • PhoneGap Build acts as a cloud-based app builder that assembles HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code into native code. It does not call for updates or maintenance to the native SDKs at the back of the app.
  • PhoneGap Developer App provides a built-in access to device APIs that permits the development of local apps. Developers work locally on source code and then analyze updates on a paired device to see how the code functions in what time.
  • PhoneGap Enterprise acts as an enterprise –level podium for designing strong apps and integrating marketing support.


It is a well-known cross-platform software that helps developers to design code in C# language and .NET framework later compiling the code for native UI—iOS, Android, or Windows. It builds, tests and monitors the app in the cloud.

Apportable SDK

It is a software that builds cross-platform native apps but with apple based technologies. This app provides a speedy and a faultless experience.

 Corona SDK

Specializes in building cross-platform native apps for OS, Android, Kindle, and Nook. Well know for mobile game development and uses Lua language, comes with plenty of plugins for advanced features for apps.

Appcelerator Titanium

A JavaScript integrated development environment (IDE) builds cross-platform native apps having features such as:-

  • High powered UI.
  • Cloud services
  • Alloy MCV framework.

One of the most proclaimed platforms that allow javascript savvy developers to create dominant back-end services with ARROW. Titanium adds more speeds in case of a lot of data.


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