Machine Learning Use Cases- IoT, Predictive Maintenance, Sentiment Analysis and Recommendation

The purpose of this article is to give substance to the application of combining Machine Learning with IoT, Predictive Maintenance, Sentiment Analysis and Recommendations being highly popular in the industry these days and for coming decades.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

The following products are applying Machine Learning in everyday uses to make our lives
easier. Let’s have a glance at them:-

  • Self-driven transportation is the most common product that has incorporated and will be
    putting ML into use.
  • With the help of Machine Learning and Deep Learning (DL) algorithms, software
    developers are providing a computer vision that will make decisions that are comparable
    to human decisions.
  • Deep Learning is coming up with the “brain” for self-driven vehicles to incorporate
    understanding such as road signs, pedestrian, traffic lights, etc.
  • To make the process of writing easier for school teachers and even college professors,
    automated writing assessment software is available.
  • When a student submits the paper for review, the software checks the presence of
    thesis statement, statement of purpose, evidence, claims, and then evaluated how well the
    paper has been written.
  • The software is quick in checking the paper and can evaluate it in less than a minute.
    It is helpful for the student as the software guides them with components of good writing
    in no time.
  • The software evaluates the draft using the same criteria and hence there is no figment of
    discrimination involved.
  • Equipment maintenance requires a lot of funds from companies.
  • For the same purpose, IoT uses built-in sensors in most of the parts to sense things like
    humidity, temperature and future performances and outcomes.
  • This helps in optimizing the cost and helps the companies in monitoring their finances.
  • Providing right amount of supplies at the right time to the right person in the right place
    can be defined as right logistic planning.
  • Such planning requires complex planning such as managing orders, warehousing,
    inventory control, shipping, and utilization. Walmarts are using Machine Learning for an upgraded and improved efficiency.
  • Many renowned companies are using Machine Learning to keep a track in the transactions
    and supplies of their products to keep their companies running efficiently.
  • Retail commerce is using Machine Learning to maintain records of their transactions.
  • It helps them to gather information about their customers’ preferences and what they
    don’t like, the amount they prefer to spend on a particular topic, etc.
  • It helps them to maintain data on what products is going to boom and which one wo n’t last in
    the market.
  • eCommerce retailers collect data on shoppers browse history and get the idea of what is trending and accordingly
    they market the product.

In this competitive market where technology is making things easier and technology is available for everyone, it becomes essential to be updated with the latest technology that can help you boom your company. Keeping in mind the above points elaborated in detail can help you a lot.

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