Essential Factors Driving the Artificial Intelligence Revolution?

Essential Factors Driving the Artificial Intelligence Revolution
Essential Factors Driving the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

AI has got an unbelievable momentum in the past couple of years. The current intelligent frameworks have the capability of managing a lot of data and simplifying complicated calculations very fast. In any case, these are not the sentient machines. AI developers are trying to build up this feature in the future. And in the coming years, the AI framework will reach and surpass the performance of humans in solving different tasks. Different kinds of AI have developed to help other artificial intelligence systems to work smarter. In this article, we will view different categories of artificial intelligence.


Here are highlighted 7 factors driving this revolution:


  1. Capital

In this factor, Capital is “rushing” into the AI space to the tune of $2.4 billion in 2015. And the first half of 2016 alone, there were 200+ AI new businesses that raised over $1.5 billion. It’s an understatement to try and say deal activity is fast and furious.


  1. Algorithms

Algorithms can understand by (deep learning) and its hierarchical pattern recognition as a major force driving the adoption of AI. With software like Sentient and Studio companies who would never have thought about getting into AI all of a sudden can.


  1. Hardware

For AI revolution, its Alphabet’s recently announced tensor processing unit (TPU), Qualcomm’s new neural processing unit (NPU), Nvidia’s deep learning chip, or IBM’s True North neuromorphic computing platform, more chips are being developed to enable faster and more powerful AI.


  1. Data

As important as hardware is to AI, large data sets are where machine learning algorithms really learn by refining hypotheses iteratively. From ongoing data discovery to the integration of algorithms and data with Tensor Flow, more tools for working with data are enabling analysis of an increasing number of publicly available datasets.


  1. Talent

In this factor, for all the focus on hardware and software, humans are as critical to the AI equation as machines. The number of AI startups (Nirvana, Turi, and Deep Mind, to name a few) in recent years in which talent was the primary driver for acquisition.


  1. Applications

In today days, we experience Artificial intelligence through the app we use. It delivers value by increasing human skills and expands our capabilities.  In any case, this isn’t a medium-term thing. At the point when first released, Siri had a lot of issues, however after some time, it’s become increasingly useful and more companies have released virtual assistants, such as Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon Echo.


  1. Responsibility

The last but not least driver of AI adoption, particularly noting that AI comes with tradeoffs that often boil down to trust. And while applauding efforts like OpenAI to democratize access to Artificial Intelligence, emphasized the requirement for AI to demonstrate core human values. In the business world, this means that ultimately the winning formula is people in addition to AI forms.


Why We Need AI

We are developing at a huge rate; say it regarding population, scripted learning, tasks etc. AI in simple words is implementing human senses in machines. And expanding in scale also increases entropy in the framework, demanding a huge number of tasks to be automated, and centralized.  Humans will surely benefit from AI. The fact that, we are seeing automation of tasks is leading to job cutting, in long-term, it is going to turn out to be a major benefit.

Activity Control, Automating Support, Automating Manufacturing, Fraud Detection, Imposing Laws without corruption etc. It has numerous great uses.


What is the future of artificial intelligence?


Yes! In 10–15 years from this might actually be true! You have special kinds of locking systems been used on your phones that involve Artificial Intelligence. Homes are getting smarter than humans; Cars can drive themselves, so it’s safe to expect that Artificial Intelligence has come a long way after it was idea-ted.

Today world is almost run by Artificial Learning.  Siri, Cortana, Alexa and a various number of virtual assistants make our lives much faster. So, ever since the world ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was coined in the year 1956, and also, it has created few little breakthroughs which were never appreciated based on it has seen advancements that have changed humanity a lot.

Speech recognition, dancing robots and smart homes are some of the many applications of AI in the present world.


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